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Give your unused jewellery a fresh look

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating is a way of getting that brand new, nearly 'mirrored' effect on silver jewellery.  

Gold Plating

We can not only bring to life your gold plated jewellery. But we can gold plate anything metal. Maybe you have a silver pocket watch you wished was gold. Or a maybe a parker pen? Contact us for a free quote.

Stone Setting

We can replace your missing stones. In all shapes and sizes. From cubic zirconia, diamond, ruby, emerald sapphire and many more. 


Whether it's cleaning your Rolex or your Signet Ring. We can clean it like new. Because your jewellery will slowly tarnish over time. You may not notice it has started to lose its 'shine'. But using our meticulous cleaning process. It will remind you of the day you bought it, 

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